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In the Runtime view, the Load Summary provides real-time information about each load associated with the DLLR object, as well as the Energy Rate and Current LR Target values. By default, all of the loads associated with this DLLR object are displayed in the order in which they were added to the object. They are sorted by priority, starting with the lowest Shed priority (10) at the top of the list. This matches the order in which DLLR seeks eligible loads to shed. Clicking on column headers allows you to sort the information. Reordering is available for all columns except Status and Load Rating.

Note: The entry Unspecified in the Last Shed Time column means that the load has never been shed or has not been shed since the last controller download.

The Load Summary is automatically refreshed at the standard UI refresh rate. You can command one or more loads directly from the Load Summary by selecting them and right-clicking the mouse to display the appropriate command window. Right-clicking a single load also allows you to command the output or navigate to the output’s focus view.

The Setup option on the Load Summary changes the view to allow editing of some of the fields.

When the Setup view for the Load Summary is displayed, the Associate Load(s) button is used to add new loads to the table. The Remove Load(s) button removes loads from the table. The MultiEdit button edits more than one load at a time when several loads are highlighted.