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The DLLR Startup Behavior attribute selects which mode the feature is set to whenever the supervisory controller is restarted or its database is downloaded. Two selections are offered:

  • Startup in Monitor Only mode - DLLR starts in Monitor Only mode, even if it had been commanded or configured to Shed mode before the restart or download. Also, if the DLLR object was disabled while in Shed mode, it reverts to Monitor Only mode when enabled.

  • Startup in last commanded mode - DLLR starts in the mode that was active at the time the controller was restarted or its database downloaded.

Regardless of the selection, the following also apply:

  • Any Comfort Override commands that were in place before the startup are persisted.

  • Any previous Shed commands are not automatically persisted to loads on startup. DLLR evaluates the current situation and completes all calculations before issuing any new Shed commands to loads.

  • When DLLR starts issuing Shed commands to loads, it resumes where it left off with the first eligible, lowest-priority load.