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The EOI attribute is a reference to the Metasys object (for example, BI, BV) supplying the EOI pulse, which is used for the Fixed Window algorithm only. The EOI pulse is used to synchronize DLLR’s demand interval to the utility’s demand interval. If this is not specified, DLLR performs its own interval timing, which is not as accurate.

This EOI attribute can be any binary type object, as long as the following requirements are met:

  • A permanent communication path must exist between this attribute and the DLLR object; therefore, the EOI point and DLLR object should reside on the same supervisory controller.

  • The attribute must be a numerical attribute, in which a change from 0 to 1 indicates the end of interval and the beginning of the next interval. The EOI Status attribute is set to Off Normal when the object supplying the EOI pulse becomes offline or unreliable to the DLLR object.