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The Unreliable Meter Options attribute allows you to specify what should happen to Demand Limiting if the meter becomes unreliable or goes offline. These options are as follows:

  • Stop Shedding - no more shedding occurs until the meter is again reliable. Currently, shed loads continue to be shed until their Max Shed Time expires.

  • Maintain the Current Shed Rate - as loads are released, DLLR sheds other Loads to maintain the current amount of shed load.

  • Use Unreliable Meter Shed Rate - sheds or releases loads as needed to maintain the amount of load specified in the Unreliable Meter Shed Rate.

The second and third options cause Demand Limiting to act similarly to the Load Rolling strategy. If the Demand Limiting strategy is not defined, an offline or unreliable meter prompts no actions.

Also, when the meter goes offline or unreliable, DLLR sets its Meter Status attribute to Off Normal and continuously updates its Minutes Since Meter Failure attribute (up to the interval length) until the meter is again reliable. The Minutes Since Meter Failure value is listed under the Operational Data section of the DLLR object - Advanced view.