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User view authorization is based on the security privileges assigned to your user account by a Metasys Administrator. Authorization uses navigation permissions and category-based permissions.

Your navigation permissions determine which user views display in the navigation frame of the online UI. Only the user views assigned to you or your assigned security roles appear. When a user view is created online, navigation permissions for the view are automatically assigned to the user who created the view. When a user view is created offline in the SCT and then downloaded to the site, no navigation permissions are assigned. In this case, the user view does not display in the navigation frame for any users. The Metasys Administrator must assign permissions to all users and/or roles requiring the navigation view.

Your category-based permissions determine if you are allowed to create, view, edit, or delete a user view from a particular authorization category (for example, HVAC). Category-based permissions are separate from navigation permissions.

Note: A User View can contain objects assigned to categories that a user does not have permissions for. In this case, the objects appear in the User View navigation tree, but the user cannot access any information from these objects.

Alarm notification is not limited or affected by the current user view, only by the user’s permissions for managing item events. Therefore, it is possible for a user to receive an alarm for an item that does not exist in the currently displayed user view.