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The SA Bus integration is a private bus on the SNC engine over which sensors, smart actuators, and I/O modules communicate to the SNC. Unlike the MS/TP Field Bus, the SA Bus integration is automatically created under the Local Hardware IO object of an SNC engine. All points defined on this proprietary SA Bus are listed under the SA Bus integration.

The SA Bus integration object offers provisioning and diagnostic data related to the SA Bus network. The SA Bus Provisioning tab reports the current firmware versions of the connected SA Bus devices, and whether any devices have new firmware waiting for them on the SNC. If a pending firmware change is present, System Status indicates Waiting for Activation. To provision the new firmware, you issue an Active Provisioning command to the SA Bus.

When the SNC application is started, the SNC downloads the necessary objects to the IOM and the IOM transitions from Instances Deleted to Operational.