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Table 1. External Data Connector Attributes – Focus Tab
Attribute Name Initial Value Description
Unit Status “Object Started”

A string that indicates the status of External Data Connector object (Internally it is handled as an enum value)

0 = Object Started

1 = Object Ready

2 = Application Initializing

3 = Application Running

4 = Application Shutting Down

1000 = Runtime Error

Application Name

“No App Internal Name Loaded”

A string that indicates the name of the loaded Application running. For example, MQTTClient.

Appl SW Version “0.0.0000”

A string that indicates the software version of the Application

Application Type “No App Type Loaded”

A string that indicates the type of the Application. (For MQTT it is 'Communication Protocol')

Application Mode “No App Mode Loaded” A string that indicates what modality the Application is running in. For built in standard MQTTClient, it is Client.
Application State “No App Status Loaded” A string that indicates dynamic status of the application. This is updated by the application itself at runtime.
Table 2. External Data Connector Attributes – Detailed Focus Tab
Attribute Name Notes Initial Value Description

File Name


“My App”

User enters the name of the Application to run. For example, 'MQTTClient'.

File Size   0 bytes Application file size in bytes.

Start Date

  January 1, 2020 Date in which the Application was loaded.

Start Time

  12:00:00 AM Time in which the Application was loaded.

Mode Setup

C,W (empty)

Variable set of input strings to be interpreted and returned as per the requirements of each Application. See details according to each specific application note.

Table 3. Unit Status and Status attribute
Unit Status Status

0 = “Object Started”

Offline (112)

1 = “Object Ready”

Offline (112)

2 = “Application Initializing”

Normal (0)

3 = “Application Running”

Normal (0)

4 = “Application Shutting Down”

Normal (0)

1000 = “Runtime Error”

Trouble (20)