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About this task

Use this procedure if you want to edit a background of a graphic by exporting it from the UGT. Use this method when a copy of the existing background image is not available.


  1. Drag the desired graphic from the Navigation Tree to the display panel.
  2. Click the Edit button on the UGT Toolbar to enter Edit Mode.
  3. Click the Save Background Image icon on the UGT toolbar to save the static background image to a location on your hard drive. The Save dialog box appears.
  4. Enter a name for the background image, select the desired location on your hard drive, select JPG or SVG format, and click Save.
  5. Open the background image file in the desired graphic editing program. Edit the background image as desired and save the file in SVG, SVGZ, or JPG format. See the Static background image section for information on supported file formats.
    Note: You can only save a background image under its original file type. For example, if the background image was originally a JPG, you can save it only as a JPG now. You can save SVG and SVGZ files as SVG or SVGZ.
  6. Return to the graphic in the UGT.
  7. Click the Set Background Image icon on the UGT toolbar to import the revised background image file into the graphic.
  8. Save the graphic.
  9. Download the graphic to the online device (if you have created the graphic with the Metasys software offline using the SCT). Upload the graphic to the archive database of the SCT (if you have created the graphic with Metasys software Online Mode ).


Note: Save a copy of the background image file in a folder on your hard drive as a backup method. If you decide to edit that background image later, you can edit your hard drive copy and use the Set Background Image icon to re-import the background into the graphic in the UGT. You also can use your hard drive copy in the event that you lose your databases and need to recover the background image.