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Site Management Portal
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This object contains attributes common to many Metasys system objects. These common attributes are described in the Common Object Attributes section. This section includes attributes of the Focus/Configuration tab, the Diagnostics tab (if applicable), and any other tab specific only to this object. See the Object and Feature Tabs section for information on the attributes that appear on the other tabs of this object (for example, the Hardware and Options tab appear on point objects).

Table 1. Graphic Object Attributes - Focus/Configuration Tab

Attribute Name


Initial Value


Attribute Description

File Name


Specifies an XML file containing a user interface tree.
Table 1. File Name Attribute
Element Name Data Type Initial Value
Exportable True or False value False (0)
Object Reference List of References  
References True or False value False (0)
Relative Path Text  

Relative Path: The name of the file relative to the directory containing the .moi file for the device.