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The Display Mode drop-down menu allows you to select what is displayed in the lower panel of the Schedule Tab.

Table 1. Display Mode



Today’s Schedule

Contains the schedule timeline for the current day. The timeline displays the projected schedule output that will be written to the scheduled objects for the current day, combining the default Schedule Command with events from both the Weekly Schedule and Exception Schedule. Today’s Schedule also displays a table of times and values, which details the changes in the schedule’s output for the current day.

Note: Today’s Schedule does not display in the SCT. It also does not display for mapped third-party schedules.

Weekly Schedule

Contains a timeline of events for each day of the week - Monday, Tuesday, . . . Sunday. Each event has a time and value that the Schedule writes to the scheduled objects. An event ends at midnight, but it can be ended earlier by specifying an end time or by scheduling another event to start. Events in the Exception Schedule override times and values in this Weekly Schedule. If the Weekly Schedule has no events defined on a particular day and time, and there are also no exception events scheduled, the Default Schedule Command takes effect.

Note: Weekly Schedule does not display for third-party schedules that do not support a weekly schedule.

Exception Schedule

Contains a list of exceptions to the weekly schedule. The times and values in the exception replace anything that is in the weekly schedule. If more than one exception is scheduled on the same day, the highest priority (precedence) exception takes effect. If all exceptions are of the same precedence, they are executed in time order. Exceptions override the Weekly Schedule only when events are scheduled for the exception. Any time that an exception event is not in effect, such as when an event is ended before midnight (or no exception events are defined), the Weekly Schedule takes effect. If the Weekly Schedule also has no scheduled events at that time, the Default Schedule Command takes effect.


  • Schedule an exception for the full time period that you want to override the object. For example, if you want a piece of equipment to be On between 09:00 and 18:00 and Off at other times, define an Off event at 00:00, an On event at 09:00, and an Off event at 18:00. If you do not define an Off event at 00:00, the period between 00:00 and 09:00 is not included in the Exception, and either the Weekly Schedule or Default Schedule Command takes effect.
  • By default, exception schedules which have already occurred are deleted after 31 days. You can disable automatic deletion of exception schedules or change the number of days until the exception schedules are deleted to 7 days by configuring the JCI Exception Schedule attribute. For more information, see JCI Exception Schedule in the Engine Device Object section.
  • Exception Schedule does not display for third-party schedules that do not support exceptions.

Scheduled Items

Contains the list of items to be commanded by the schedule object. If empty, the Schedule does not directly command objects but its Present Value can still be used as an input to other logic, such as an Interlock or Control System. The online display also includes a Status Log that shows the status of the schedule’s attempts to control each of the scheduled items. If no objects are scheduled, the Schedule Output Type determines what type of command may be scheduled.