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The table below lists the commands supported by the Multistate Value Object.

Table 1. Multistate Value Object Commands

Command Name



Disable Alarms


Enable Alarms


Operator Override


Release Operator Override



  1. Attribute name
  2. Command priority

Release All

Attribute name

Important: The Release All command may not cause an immediate return to automatic operation. The Release All command clears all command priorities, including those that come from applications and features. When this happens, the output point goes to its Relinquish Default condition. In some cases, the application or feature may have sent a command that does not match Relinquish Default. In this instance, the output point does not end in the state that the applications or features intended. This situation can cause unexpected operation to occur; for example, a space could overcool or overheat, a fan might run longer than expected, and so on. If an operator has overridden an input, use the Release Operator Override command.

Releases Command Priorities 3 through 15 from the specified, writable attribute. Command Priorities 1 (Manual Emergency) and 2 (Fire Application) remain.

State0 … StateN


Note: The MS/TP Multistate Value supports an equivalent Set State command which takes State0-StateN as parameters.
Important: Be aware that an operator state command releases the actions of any processes running to the object in the NxE or FEC controllers that use Priorities 9 through 16. Consider this behavior when creating control strategies.

Temporary Override

The value to be written to the Present Value attribute, in addition to the duration of the override in hours and minutes.

Overrides a point temporarily for a specified period of time. After the specified time period passes, the Override is automatically released.