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An event describes the time when the scheduling feature writes user-defined values to the referenced item attributes (Scheduled Items). Weekly schedules and exception schedules use an event to define when the scheduling feature should change its output.

Each day of a weekly schedule and each exception day of an exception schedule has its own set of events. Days can have multiple events (for example, a start event and a stop event). When the time defined by an event arrives, the scheduling feature writes the value for the defined event to the referenced attribute of each item in the list of scheduled items. Unless specified to end earlier, all events end at midnight. If an event is ended before midnight, and no other events are scheduled, the scheduling feature writes the Default Schedule Command to the referenced item attributes. If the Default Schedule Command is set to Release, the scheduling feature’s control over the scheduled items ends. Values are sent to the referenced attributes at priority 15.

Note: Release should only be used for the Default Schedule Command if the scheduled items support the Release command.