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Menu Selection: Insert > Object > Calendar

The Calendar object is used behind the scenes by the Scheduling feature by maintaining a list of dates designated as exceptions to the normal schedule. Exception Schedule days are days when you do not want the Schedule to operate, such as holidays. They can be defined as specific dates or ranges of dates. Typically, a Schedule object references a Calendar object, which lists the days the weekly schedule should not operate. A Schedule object working from a chosen Calendar reads the Present Value of the Calendar object, which indicates if the current day is within the Date List (Entry Detail) of the Calendar.

A different set of activities from those in the weekly schedule can be defined in the Schedule object to occur on these exception days. Multiple Schedule objects can reference a single Calendar object so that only the Calendar object needs to be changed to affect all schedules.

This object allows you to accommodate for a special day or days, like a holiday, in which the building controls should run differently from usual, in accordance with the change in the number of people and the amount of activity in the building.

When you create a Calendar object at a BACnet client and map the object to a network engine, a new Calendar object is created under that folder in the navigation tree.

For general information on Metasys system objects, see Common Object Attributes.

For more information on the Scheduling feature and how to create a calendar, see Scheduling . For more information on Global Calendars, see Global Calendar . For detailed information on the Calendar object, see the following table.