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Site Management Portal
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User Guide
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Menu Selection: Actions > Show Extensions (menu option is available only when an item that supports extensions is selected)

Adds features, such as trending, alarming, averaging, loading and totalization, to an item. Extension types include:

  • Resource File—Adds a resource file to a field device or integration, if supported.
  • Trend—Adds trending capabilities to an item.
  • Totalization—Adds totalization capabilities to an item.
    Note: Select either the Event Totalization or Runtime Totalization radio button if they appear on the right side of the Select Attribute screen of this wizard. If these selections do not appear, the attribute you selected uses Analog Totalization.
  • Alarm—Adds attributes for generating alarm and event messages to an item. See the Alarm and Event Management feature for information.
  • Averaging—Adds averaging capabilities to an item.
  • Load—Adds the load capability of the Energy Management feature. You can add only one load extension to an object.

See the Extensions section.