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You can send a command by selecting one or more Metasys system objects (items) in the navigation tree or in the display panel. For example, you can open the Global Search Viewer in a display panel and select one or multiple items from the Search Results table to command. See Commanding Objects in the Search Results Table in the Global Search section.

For the global commands feature, the Change Results Viewer displays the results of all global commands sent during the current user session. The viewer includes information such as change type, time, status, item name, and parameter. You can save the results to a text file or print the results if you wish to review them at a later time. The Change Results Viewer provides the option to copy one or more result entries to the clipboard for pasting into Microsoft Excel or Word or other applications. You also can sort the results table data in ascending or descending order, and resize and reorganize the columns to suit your needs.

Once you log out of the Metasys system, the current user session closes and the items in the Change Results Viewer are permanently cleared.

See the Commands Dialog Box, Global Commands Dialog Box, and Change Results Viewer sections.