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Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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Metasys Server
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Installation Guide
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Important: If the computer has ADS/ADX software at Release 7.x or earlier installed, you are required to uninstall the ADS/ADX software before you upgrade to the Metasys Server 13.0. If the ADS/ADX software is at Release 8.0 or later, you can upgrade. During the uninstall process, be sure to retain your historical data and security data. To ensure that no data is lost, make sure that the buffer size of the supervisory engines is large enough to hold archived data while the ADS/ADX is upgraded to the Metasys Server.
Note: Regardless of the upgrade release, you must uninstall Energy Essentials, Metasys Database Manager, and MVE before you upgrade or install the Metasys Server.

You have the choice of two installation methods: default or custom.

Default Method—select this method for installing or upgrading an ADS and accepting all default options. This method installs English only SQL Server Express 2019 CU18 (on Windows 10 and Windows 11 only and if no instance is present), Metasys Server (ADS only), Metasys UI, Launcher, Software Manager, and the software components listed in Getting Started. Windows credentials are used for SQL database creation and configuration.

Custom Method—select this method for installing an ADS or ADX and you want to customize the installation options. This method installs SQL Server Express 2019 CU18 (on Windows 10 and Windows 11 only and if no instance is present), the Metasys Server software (ADS or ADX), Metasys Advanced Reporting System (ADX only), Metasys UI, Launcher, Software Manager, and the software components listed in Getting Started.

Before you begin the installation process, consider the following important factors:

  • The Metasys Server 13.0 may coexist on the same computer as SCT 16.0. If your computer has SCT at Release 11.0 or earlier, you must uninstall the older SCT release before installing Metasys Server 13.0. Refer to the SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions (LIT-12012067) .

  • If something fails during the installation, a link called View Install Log appears that you can click to open a log file with the default html viewer, such as your web browser. For details about how to use the log viewer, see Metasys Server Installation Logs.
  • The Metasys Server setup requires at least 16 GB of available hard disk space and at least 16 GB of RAM for successful installation and operation of the Metasys Server software and databases. Verify your computer has at least 16 GB hard disk space before you begin the installation.

  • As a requirement for installation or upgrade, the Metasys Server setup requires that its executable file (.exe) and its data file (.data) are stored in the same folder location.

  • The Metasys Server setup replaces the SSL certificate binding in IIS, if a non-SHA256 SSL certificate is not already bound.
  • Metasys Server installation also includes the installation of Metasys UI, an alternative user interface to the Site Management Portal UI. When installation is complete, the Metasys UI software performs a one-time configuration process in the background that can take up to 30 minutes to complete. Until the configuration is complete, the user log on process can take longer than usual.
  • From Metasys Release 12.0, the Server installation does not enable SMP. To enable SMP, you need to purchase a separate license. For MVE sites, you do not require a license to access SMP for an ADX site director. For non-MVE sites from Release 12.0, you require a license to access SMP. When you license SMP, that license works for all future versions of SMP that you upgrade to on the same machine.
  • If you are installing the Metasys Server application on a virtual machine (VM), configure the VM to run in static memory mode, not dynamic. Otherwise, operational issues with SQL Server may result. Also, configure the VM to use at least 16 GB of memory for an ADS on a Windows 10 VM and 32 GB for an ADX on a Windows Server OS VM.
  • Do not install other software applications on the Metasys Server because they may interfere with Metasys Server operation.

  • When you install the Metasys Server 13.0, you must upgrade all other ADSs/ADXs on the site to Release 5.2 software or later. This ADS/ADX restriction is a result of enhancements made in Release 5.2 to improve the speed and reliability of message forwarding.

  • If in the future you need to uninstall the Metasys Server, the SQL Server Express software that may have been installed for you remains in place. Also, any changes that the Metasys Server setup made, such as enabling Windows components and features, remain in place; they are not rolled back.
  • The Metasys Server setup configures IIS to use TLS 1.2 only. Use of TLS 1.2 is required by all Metasys site devices.
  • The Metasys Server software installation on a computer with a server operating system provides you the option of installing the Metasys Advanced Reporting System. Advanced Reporting supports installation on a computer with SQL Server 2017, but not with SQL Server 2019 or SQL Server 2022.