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Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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Metasys Server
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The split configuration of the ADX involves installing ADX functionality on two separate computers, with SCT on a third separate computer:

  • Web/application computer: The computer where the ADX software is installed is known as the web/application server. The web/application server is where users browse to see system information.

  • Database computer: The computer that contains the SQL Server software database is known as the database server. The database server houses historical data and cannot be used as a data repository by more than one web/application server.

  • SCT computer: The computer that contains the SCT software is known as the SCT computer. You specify the name of the SCT computer on the Reporting tab when you select the Custom method of installing Metasys Server software. See Installing Metasys Server: Custom Method.

Note the following rules for split ADXs:

  • In a split ADX configuration, the SCT must reside on its own computer; it cannot reside on either the web/application server or the database server.

  • When you are installing the ADX software, the SCT computer and the database server must be accessible over the network to the web/application server.

  • The appropriate SQL Server software components must be installed and running on the computer (or on both computers when installing the Metasys Advanced Reporting System) before you install the ADX software. ADX database configuration files automatically update with the database server path where the ADX is installed.

  • A split ADX requires that the SQL Server login for the database server used during installation has a password that is not blank.

  • A split ADX configuration always involves more than one physical computer or VM. For example, a computer where the ADX software is installed on one partition or disk drive and the SQL Server software is installed on a second partition or disk drive does not constitute a split ADX.

  • Split ADXs with the Metasys Advanced Reporting System have special rules, regarding where to install SQL Server software. See Metasys Advanced Reporting System (ADX Only).