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Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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Metasys Server
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Installation Guide
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If you are installing the Metasys Server software on a virtual machine (VM), verify the following before you start to install Metasys:

  • Ensure that the virtual machine is running in static memory mode, not dynamic. Otherwise, operational issues with SQL Server may occur.
  • If you are upgrading from a hardware server to a VM, configure the Metasys Server VM with the same amount of memory as the hardware server, or with at least 8 GB of memory.
  • Set the hard drive size to fixed, not dynamic.
  • If required, add processor power to the VM.
  • In Microsoft Hyper-V, verify that the Process compatibility option under Virtual Machine Settings > Processor > Compatibility is not selected (Figure 1). For some Intel CPUs, this box is selected by default.
Figure 1. Processor compatibility setting on Metasys Server