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Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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Metasys Server
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After you upgrade or migrate an ADS, ADS-Lite, or ADX in your SCT archive to Release 12.0 or later from a release before Release 12.0, follow these steps before you download the archive. The steps ensure that the Third party BBMDs attribute in the SCT archive is compatible with the new Metasys server software.
  1. Open the archive in SCT.
  2. View the site object and select its Site View tab.
  3. Locate the Third party BBMDs attribute within the BACnet group.
  4. If the Third party BBMDs attribute is empty, no updates are necessary. Skip all remaining steps.
  5. Click the Edit button for the Site View and then open the pop-up Modify List window for the Third party BBMDs attribute.
  6. For each configured BBMD, check its Broadcast IP Mask:
    1. If the value is blank, update the Broadcast IP Mask to a valid value.
    2. If the value is, make a note of the BBMD settings for a later step and then delete the BBMD. Alternatively, change the BBMD’s Broadcast IP Mask to a value other than Deletion is not needed in this case.
  7. When you complete the previous step, save your changes.
  8. For any BBMDs you deleted earlier, enter edit mode again and re-add the deleted BBMDs using the configuration information you had noted for each BBMD.
  9. Save your changes.