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Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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Metasys Server
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Installation Guide
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Important: You must purchase and license the Metasys Server (ADX) in addition to MVE. ADX with MVE installation requires you to install or upgrade an ADX, and then install MVE to enable the MVE functionality. An ADX with MVE software installed and licensed does not require a license for SMP.
Note: Do not use SCT Pro for MVE database upgrades.

To install or upgrade to an ADX with MVE, you must have the following items:

  • A supported server-class operating system
  • A supported version of SQL Server software, Standard or Enterprise edition
  • ADX installation file downloaded from the License Portal
  • MVE installation file downloaded from the License Portal

Consider the following for an ADX with MVE:

  • After you install or upgrade an ADX, add MVE by running the MVE installer.
  • MVE supports both an unified and split ADX installation. Also see Split ADX for additional rules when installing on a split ADX.
  • MVE supports the Metasys Advanced Reporting System. See Metasys Advanced Reporting System (ADX Only).
Note: As part of installing MVE software, the MVE installer automatically enables the C2 Audit Tracing feature in SQL Server, as shown below. Selecting this option configures SQL Server to record in a log file all failed and successful attempts to access statements and objects. Information in the log file helps you investigate system activity and track possible security policy violations. However, the C2 audit tracing feature in SQL Server creates auditing files that grow rapidly. If left enabled and not maintained, C2 audit tracing can greatly reduce available disk space where SQL Server is installed, even to the point of causing a shutdown of SQL Server, or the computer itself to run out of disk space and then shut down. Therefore, if you do not need this feature, disable C2 auditing. Or, if you ever uninstall MVE, you must remember to disable it.
Figure 1. MVE installer checks Enable C2 audit tracing attribute in SQL Server