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Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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Metasys Server
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After you upgrade or migrate an ADS, ADS-Lite, or ADX in your SCT archive to Release 12.0 or later from a release before Release 12.0, follow these steps before you download the archive. These steps ensure that the Email DDA attribute in the SCT archive is compatible with the new Metasys server software.
  1. Open the archive in SCT.
  2. View the ADS/ADX object and select its Email tab.
  3. If you have not configured email destinations, no updates are necessary. Skip all remaining steps.
  4. Review the Email Address field for each email destination and check for the following characters and formatting that are invalid or are incompatible with Metasys Release 12.0:
    • Spaces before commas that separate email addresses.
      Note: Separating commas may have a space after them, but not before them.
    • New line characters (carriage return and/or line feed).
      Note: An email address list may wrap within the edit field but must not be explicitly configured to use multiple lines.
    • Syntax errors in individual email addresses, such as a missing @ symbol or a domain that starts or ends with a hyphen or a period.
  5. If you find any Email Address fields that contain invalid or incompatible characters or formatting, open the same archive in JCT and use the following steps to correct the field:
    • In the User menu, select Remote Notifications under Feature Management, select the ADS/ADX, and then select the Email tab.
    • Find the email destination to correct and then click its linked name.
    • In the destination’s Email Address field, delete the existing email addresses and then re-add the addresses.
      Note: To quickly re-add the email addresses, copy the existing email address string from SCT, paste it into JCT, and then hit Enter. JCT will automatically remove any extra spaces and new line characters. If any email addresses in the list have an invalid syntax, they will be shown in red text and you can then modify and correct them.
    • Save your changes.
  6. If you made any changes with JCT, go back to SCT, refresh or redisplay the Email tab for the ADS/ADX, and then recheck each modified email destination to confirm it no longer contains any invalid or incompatible characters or formatting.