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Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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Metasys Server
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Installation Guide
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About this task

Note: If a previous release of MVE software is installed on your computer, you must first uninstall it. Go to Uninstalling MVE Software.
  1. Obtain the MVE installation file.
  2. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the location of the MVE installation file.
  3. Right-click MetasysValidationEnvironment_11.0.exe and select Run as Administrator. Enter the Administrator's user credentials if prompted. The setup window appears.
  4. On the Setup window, click Install.
    Figure 1. Welcome Screen

  5. Under the Database section, select from these options:
    1. SQL Instance : Click the down arrow to select the server name of the SQL database engine installed on the computer. For a unified ADX, you select (localhost) in most cases. However, if multiple SQL Server instances are found on the local server, click the one to use for Metasys software. For a split ADX, input the database server name in this format: <servername> (default instance) or <servername>\<database instance> (named instance).
      Note: If your installation of SQL Server uses the default instance name, specify only the server name, but do not include the default instance name. Otherwise, an error message appears and you cannot proceed with the installation. You only need to specify a database instance if you have a named instance. Also, if the server name you specify does not resolve, use the server's IP address.
    2. Windows Authentication : Select if you want the installer to use the Windows OS credentials of the currently logged-in user to access the SQL Server software. The logged-in user must be a member of the system administrators (sysadmin) role in SQL Server. After installation, you can remove the SQL Server software system administrator rights from this user if so directed by IT personnel.
    3. Username and Password : Clear the Use Windows Credentials box to enter the SQL Server Administrator login and password credentials in these fields if you want the installer to use a SQL Server login with system administrator rights.
      Figure 2. Database Screen

  6. Click Install. The installer begins. The progress of each step is shown. This process takes less than a minute to complete. After all installation steps have finished, the Metasys Validation Environment Setup Complete box appears that offers either of two options:
    • Restart Now: a restart is needed to make the changes on your computer, such as enabling in C2 audit tracing in SQL Server. Click Restart Now, then after the restart, continue with the next step.
    • Finish: a restart is not needed. Click Finish and proceed to the next step.
  7. License the MVE software with the Software Manager. For licensing instructions, refer to the Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389).