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Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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Metasys Server
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To launch the ADS/ADX SMP UI, do one of the following:

  • On the ADS/ADX computer, from the Windows Start icon, go to Johnson Controls > Launcher. Follow the steps in Launcher Tool Help (LIT-12011742) to add a profile for the ADS/ADX under the SMP tab.

  • On the ADS/ADX computer, double-click the Metasys ADS or Metasys ADX icon on the desktop. Add a profile for ADS/ADX under the SMP tab by configuring the network credentials of the ADS/ADX computer. For details, refer to Launcher Tool Help (LIT-12011742) .

  • On another computer on the same network as the ADS/ADX computer, browse to https://<hostname>/metasys/, where <hostname> is the computer name of the target ADS/ADX.
    Note: If the message Missing Resource File appears when you try to open the ADS/ADX, prompt the server to push its version of the Launcher by browsing to https://<hostname>/launcher.msi.
When you browse to the ADS/ADX computer from a client for the first time, the Windows Launcher Download screen appears (Figure 1). Click Full Launcher Installer to retrieve the user interface files (that is, a private version of the JRE) from the ADS/ADX computer, and then run the Launcher installation file. For details, refer to the Launcher Installation Instructions (LIT-12011783) .
Figure 1. Launcher Download Screen
Note: After you install the Launcher, use the Launcher, not the web browser, to access the ADS/ADX. If you use the web browser, the Launcher Download screen appears again. Do not reinstall the Launcher.
After you install the Launcher to your local hard drive, the Main Screen of the Launcher appears on which you can configure the network credentials of the ADS/ADX computer (Figure 2).
Figure 2. Launcher Main Screen

Using the Launcher, configure the network credentials of the ADS/ADX computer to add its profile to the Launcher. For details, refer to the Launcher Tool Help (LIT-12011742) .

After you add the ADS/ADX, select it from the profile list under the SMP tab and click Launch. The SMP UI login screen appears. Log in with the MetasysSysAgent user name and default password. (For the default password, contact your local Johnson Controls representative.) You are forced to change the password to a valid, complex password the first time you log in to the ADS/ADX. Follow the password rules that appear in the Change Password dialog. For more information on passwords, refer to the Security Administrator System Technical Bulletin (LIT-1201528) .

For information on configuring and using ADS/ADX, refer to the ADS/ADX Commissioning Guide (LIT-1201645) and Metasys Site Management Portal Help (LIT-1201793) .