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The buttons in Table 1 are common to most of the wizards and allow you to move through wizard screens.

Table 1. Common Wizard Navigation Buttons




Closes the wizard without saving any data. This button is always active.

< Back

Takes you back one screen in the wizard. This may not be the last screen viewed, since you can move between screens. This button is active on all screens except the first.

Next >

Takes you to the next screen in the wizard. If the current screen requires user input or you are on the last screen in the wizard, the Next button is disabled.


If available, presents a summary screen for the wizard. If your input is required in any previous screen, the Last button is disabled. The Last button takes the user to the last wizard screen, which is the summary screen. Once the summary screen is displayed, the Last button is replaced by the Finish button.


Exits the wizard and saves the data. Selecting Finish is the normal method of exiting a completed wizard. If any prior screens require your input, this button is disabled. If a wizard has a summary screen, the Finish button is not available until the summary screen is displayed.