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Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Table 1. SCT Related Documentation

For Information On

See Document

SCT Features, Benefits, and Requirements

System Configuration Tool Catalog Page (LIT-1900198)

SCT Installation and Upgrade

SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions (LIT-12012067)

Licensing SCT and Field Controller packages

Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389)

Daily Use of the Metasys System, and Database Backup/Restore

Metasys® Site Management Portal Help (LIT-1201793)

Daily Use of the Metasys ODS System, and Database Backup/Restore

Open Data Server Help (LIT-12011942)

SCT Interaction with the ADS/ADX

ADS/ADX Commissioning Guide (LIT-1201645)

SCT Interaction with the ODS

ODS Commissioning Guide (LIT-12011944)

SCT Interaction with the NAE/NIE

NAE Commissioning Guide (LIT-1201519)

SCT Interaction with the NIEx9

NIEx9 Commissioning Guide (LIT-12011922)

Backing up and Restoring Driver and License Files Before Updating the NIEx9 Image

NIEx9 Driver Manager Application Note (LIT-12011919)

Adding Users and Roles to the System

Security Administrator System Technical Bulletin (LIT-1201528)

Configuring the ADS/ADX as a Trusted Server with https

Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions (LIT-12012162)

General Network and Information Technology Concepts

Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011279)

Metasys Configuration

Metasys® System Configuration Guide (LIT-12011832)

Metasys System

Metasys System Extended Architecture Overview Technical Bulletin (LIT-1201527)