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The User Defined Enumeration Editor provides the user interface for the quick modification, creation, or deletion of User Defined Enumerations on a Metasys Site. Authorized users can modify one or more User Defined Enumerations. This tool provides a solution for various change requests, and satisfies requirements for new and future Metasys system features that need to provide the user with the ability to define the displayed text for multiple User Defined Enumerations. The User Defined Enumeration Editor is available in both the online (runtime) and offline (SCT) modes of the Metasys system supervisory user interface. Access the tool by selecting the Custom Enumeration tab of the Site Object.
  • For Release 5.2 and later, the Rediscover Text Strings operation generates custom enumerations from all mapped BACnet and MS/TP objects. These custom enumerations are backed up when the Site Director is uploaded in the Release 5.2 database. During the upgrade process, a restored, upgraded, or downloaded Release 5.2 database maintains these custom enumerations during the upgrade process.
  • For Release 6.5 and later, the User Defined States Text attribute is set to true whenever an object has a custom enumeration set assigned to it.
  • Engines at Release 8.0 and later automatically read custom state sets text created in CCT and display them in the SMP user interface, instead of the generic State 0 to State X text.
Figure 1. User Defined Enumeration Editor

Table 1. User Defined Enumeration Editor Areas





Add and Delete Custom Enumeration buttons.

Add new or Delete existing User Defined Enumeration Sets.


Edit OR Save and Cancel Buttons.

When you select the Custom Enumeration tab there is an Edit button here; upon selecting Edit, the button is replaced by the Save and Cancel buttons.



Name of the new or selected Enumeration set - limited to 32 characters.



Enumeration set size. This is the number of values within the selected enumeration. You may not see optimal performance if this exceeds 5 members.


Enumeration Entries

Entries within the selected enumeration. Cannot be blank or white space. You may not see optimal performance if this exceeds 10 characters.


List of existing user defined enumeration sets.

Displays the current list of User Defined Enumerations. This list is limited to 256 entries.