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Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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The Syslog tab appears on Engine or Server objects. The Syslog DDA Attributes appear on the Shared Configuration section of the Syslog Tab. The Syslog DDA destination Configuration Attributes appear when you edit or create a new Syslog Destination on the Syslog tab.

Note: At Metasys Release 10.1 the edit button is disabled for an ADS, ADX, or OAS. For these devices, use the Metasys UI to modify the attributes on this tab.

Syslog has one Share Configuration attribute—Syslog Reporting Enabled. When the Syslog Reporting Enabled attribute is set to True the feature is active and your error logging is forwarded to your destination server.

For more information on Syslog and configuring other DDAs, see the Configuring Destination Delivery Agents (DDAs) section in Metasys SMP Help (LIT-1201793) .

Table 1. Syslog DDA Destination Configure Attributes
Attribute Value / Description
Label Destination name
Syslog Server IP Address for the destination server
UDP Send Port The designated port on the device for error transmitting to your server.
UDP Receive Port The designated port on your server for receiving the error transmits.
Event Filters To add or remove Events from displaying
Audit Filters To add or remove Audits from displaying