Product Version Labels - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 13.2

Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

Product name
System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Menu Selection: View > Product Version Labels (select the check box)

Toggles the display of the item labels in the All Items navigation tree or user navigation tree from standard to product version. A product version label shows the software revision of servers and engines in parentheses next to the standard label.


Standard Label = NAE-Building-1

Extended Label = NAE-Building-1 (10.1)


  • SCT allows you to maintain a mixed-release archive that contains devices at varying release versions from 5.2 through 10.1.
  • Site Directors can be upgraded to any release and do not require the current release version. Devices that are not Site Directors must be at an equal or lower release version than the Site Director. For example, a site with a Release 10.0 Site Director cannot contain a Release 10.1 child-device.