Downloading a CAF to Devices Through Trunk Utilities - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 13.2

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Note: To use the Download Applications feature in Trunk Utilities, you must have licensed Field Controller package files. For more information on controller package licensing, refer to the Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389).
  1. On the Tools menu, select Trunk Utilities. The Trunk Utilities wizard appears.
  2. Select Download Applications.
  3. In the Connection Type section, select the connection type: NxE Passthru, Direct Ethernet, or MAP 4.2+/BACnet Router.
    Note: Direct Ethernet connections are only compatible with IP devices. If you have multiple Ethernet adapters, you may experience connection issues. Go to Tools > Select Ethernet Adapter and verify that the correct adapter is selected. See Select Ethernet Adapter for more information.
    Note: If you apply power to a MAP Gateway before you connect it to the SA Bus of a device, devices on the trunk are not discovered. To initiate an automatic discovery of devices, log in to the MAP Gateway UI. If you are already connected to the MAP Gateway UI, on the Device List page, click Rediscover Devices.
  4. The When to Activate options control when the transferred application is activated in a controller. If you select After transfer, the application is transferred and immediately activated. If you select Wait for manual activation, the application is transferred but not activated. To activate the application at a later time use the Activate pending files command in Trunk Utilities > Commands.
  5. The When activated options modify the runtime logic of an activated application. Select Enable Logic to enable or Disable Logic to disable the runtime logic of an activated application. If you want to disable the logic of an application, you can enable it later by selecting the command Enable Logic in Trunk Utilities > Commands .
    • Use of the Disable Logic option depends on the controller product. Refer to your product documentation for more information. This feature is only available at Tools Release 13.0, and Firmware 8.0 and later. If the option is selected for an incompatible controller, the download will fail for that controller.
    • For information about how to apply the disable and enable logic features, see the Application Options Workflow.
  6. Select the Integrations for the field device(s) and click Next.
  7. Enter the connection parameters specific to your connection type and click Next.
    1. For NxE Passthru connections, to connect directly to a device, clear the Communicate via Site Director check box, select the device from the list, enter your user credentials, then click Test Login. To connect through the Site Director, select the Communicate via Site Director check box, enter you user credentials, then click Test Login.
    2. For Direct Ethernet connections, enter the UDP port of the device (if selected, verify you are on the same subnet as your IP controllers).
    3. For MAP 4.2+ / BACnet Router connections, enter the IP address, the UDP port of the router (47808), and the Network Number (BACnet Instance) of the MS/TP trunk (1-65,534). If selected, all IP traffic intended for the router travels through this interface.
      Note: Do not use 1001 for the MS/TP Network Number. The number 1001 is reserved for Johnson Controls BACnet/IP network connections.
  8. Validate the information in the Trunk Utilities Summary window and click Finish. The progress of the transfer can be monitored using the Actions in Progress tab of the ActionQ.
Note: To view the status of devices, and to modify and issue commands after a Trunk Utilities download, see CAF Parameters.