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During the security copy process, the MetasysSysAgent password credentials are copied to the supervisory devices and application-level security database. Credentials are also used to synchronize the MetasysSysAgent user and password for the supervisory device's operating system. The MetasysSysAgent user ID and password for the supervisory device's operating system is required when you need to retrieve device debug (crash) files using the SCT Device Debug Files menu item.

The following table summarizes the rules for how the application and operating system passwords for the MetasysSysAgent user are managed by Security Copy at multiple SCT releases.
Table 1. MetasysSysAgent Release-Specific Application and Operating System Passwords
MetasysSysAgent Application Password Device Release Version MetasysSysAgent Operating System Password
MetasysSysAgent password from SCT security database or from a selected device is copied and used Release 9.0 MetasysSysAgent password is synced with the application password
Release 8.1
Release 8.0
Release 7.0
Release 6.5
Release 6.1 Default password from the original NAE/NIE Update Tool download
Release 6.0
MetasysSysAgent password from the Site Director's security database is copied to the devices Release 5.2