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Important: Before uploading, downloading, upgrading/migrating device, or synchronizing a database, verify that the Item Reference of the device in the SCT matches (case-sensitive) the Item Reference of the same device in the online mode.
Important: During a load, the database files are sent to C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\download.

This location string and the item reference string make up the file name string. If the entire file name string exceeds the 256 character limit, the load fails.

For example, if you are downloading NAE-1, the location of the download files is C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\download\NAE-1NAE-1\*.*

This location string is already 102 characters long. If the location string and the item reference string (*.*) exceed the 256 character limit for the entire file name string, the download fails.

Note: If you change names in your system, we recommend using the upload or download process. If you add or delete points, use the upload, download, or synchronize process.

To Upload, Download, Synchronize, or Patch Device a device:

  1. Select Manage Archive from the Tools Menu. The Manage Archive appears. See Wizards for help on using wizards.

  2. Follow the wizard instructions. See Table 1.

    The ActionQ appears after clicking Finish on the Summary screen of the manage archive wizard.

    • If the download freezes with the load status of Establishing Communications and no error message appears, then wait a few minutes to allow the download to complete. Then, refresh the SCT display to update the screen. The updated status message appears when the download completes. The size of the database determines the amount of time it takes to download, but typically just a few minutes. In addition, you can determine that the database downloaded properly by waiting for the device to come online after the download completes.
    • When synchronizing databases, make sure the SCT computer remains running and online until the synchronization process completes. This action helps to prevent failures such as duplicate device databases.
Table 1. Manage Archive Wizard Tips

Wizard Screen



  • Select the radio button for the type of load: Upload From Device, Download To Device, Synchronize, or Upgrade/Migrate Device.
  • Select the desired check boxes under Options:

    • Include Field Controllers (Upload from Device)
    • Supervisory Device, Local Application (.caf file), Download Code, Include UI on N40 Class Devices (Download to Device)
    • Patch Supervisory Devices (Upgrade Device)
    • Include HTTPS Certificates (Upload from Device and Download to Device)

    Selecting Include Field Controllers uploads the .caf files from all field devices on a supervisory device that is at Release 6.0 or later. A Resource extension is automatically created in the archive for the field controller.

    For an NCE, the load automatically pulls the archive database and application during an upload.

    To perform successful NCE downloads, you must first add the Controller Application File (.caf file) as a resource file of the NCE using the Resource File wizard. For details, see Resource File Extensions.

    Selecting Include HTTPS Certificates uploads or downloads all trusted certificates associated with a supervisory device. You do not need to select this option if only self-signed certificates are used in the device.

  • When synchronizing the NCE, the load only synchronizes the database. The application file is not part of the synchronization process.
  • Before patching an NxE55 device, upload the device with SCT, which preserves any recent object and the security database changes to the archive database.

Select Devices

  • Select one or more devices to upload, download, upgrade/migrate device, or synchronize.
  • Use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple items.
  • If you are upgrading device and the Site Director is not already upgraded, include it to allow upgrades to the current SCT Version.
  • If you are upgrading a device with the Patch Supervisory Devices option, the Select Devices screen lists the release level and available software patches for NxE55 supervisory devices. Only NxE55 supervisory devices are selectable on the All Items tree. To patch supervisory devices of different models and of earlier release levels, use the traditional patch method.

Load Schedule

  • Select either the Upload/Download/Synchronize/Upgrade now or Schedule upload/download/synchronize/upgrade radio button.
  • If you select Schedule upload/download/synchronize/upgrade, a date and time selector appears.
Note: If you schedule multiple loads to begin at the same time, some loads may not begin at the specified time because they are waiting for other loads to complete. You cannot define a load order for devices scheduled together. If you must load a certain device first, schedule that device separately with an earlier load time.

Site Login

  • Enter the username and password for the load.
  • Click the Test Login button to test if the username and password entered allow you to communicate with the device. The device must be online to perform this test successfully.
    Note: The device does not need to be online for the Device Upgrade process.
  • Select the Communicate via Site Director check box if the device is not on the LAN.
  • From Metasys Release 10.0, you can use the credentials of any admin user to log in to the Site Director or destination device.
  • If the SCT username and password do not match the Site Director or the destination device username and password, Authorization Failure error appears. You must enter the correct username and password on this screen.
  • From Metasys Release 10.0, if in the SCT you enter an incorrect password five times within an allotted time period, the account is locked for five minutes.
  • If you perform a download, and log in to an engine using the default username and password, you are immediately prompted to enter a new password.
  • Active Directory users may not be used to log on to the site.
  • After the login status has been determined, a colored shield icon appears in the status field to indicate the communication level. Red indicates encrypted but untrusted, orange indicates encrypted only (self-signed), and green indicates encrypted and trusted. SCT permits communication with site devices despite potential certificate issues (for example, incomplete certificate chain, expired certificate, or mismatched host name).

Repeat Upload

  • Appears only in the Upload Wizard.
  • To repeat the upload automatically, enter the number of days between uploads. Enter 0 if you do not want to repeat the load.
Note: Use this option only if all changes are being made online to the engine or Metasys server database. The engine or Metasys server is always locked in the SCT archive database because once a scheduled load completes, another load is automatically scheduled. You can delete all scheduled loads for the engine or Metasys server to clear the database lock.

Device Change

  • Appears only in the Download Wizard when only one device is selected for download.
  • To change the Name and Computer Name of a device during the download, click Use this option to rename a device via download and enter the current device name in the text box.
  • To change the IP address of a device during the download, click Use this option to change a device address via download and enter the current device IP address in the text box.
Note: You cannot use this Device Change option to change the name of a Metasys server . The name of the Metasys server object is the same as the computer host name. For information on how to change the name of the Metasys server object, refer to the ADS/ADX Commissioning Guide (LIT-1201645) or the ODS Commissioning Guide (LIT-12011944).


View the final information for the load or upgrade/migration and click Finish.