Passthru Wizard - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 13.2

Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

Product name
System Configuration Tool
Document type
User Guide
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Modes: Available in online and offline mode only

Menu Selection: Tools > Field Device Tools

Accesses tools such as HVAC PRO, GX-9100, XTM Configurator, DX Commissioning, N2 Device Loader, and CCT.

Note: The Field Device Tools menu selection replaces the N2 Tools menu selection available at Release 2.0 and earlier.
  • You must have N2 Tools and SCT installed on the same PC that is running Passthru with HVAC PRO, GX-9100, XTM Configurator, DX Commissioning, or N2 Device Loader passthru.
  • The Passthru wizard does not always appear when you are connected to the NAE or Metasys server online if you are already logged on to the site. The selected tool loads automatically after you select it from the Tools menu.
  • On the Passthru Site Login screen of the wizard, enter your username and password as defined by your User Profile. To verify access, click Login to check if your login parameters are valid to access the tools.
  • As a best practice, if you have a Site Director NAE with child NAEs, do not initiate CCT Passthru at the Site Director to commission field controllers on the child NAE. File transfers between the Site Director NAE and its child NAE may terminate prematurely. This behavior only affects NAEs that have been updated with Release 9.0.7; earlier releases are not affected. Instead, commission the field controllers directly at the child NAE. However, if you have no other option, you may add a parameter to the CCT configuration file to increase the time allowed for transfers. This file is located on the CCT computer in this folder: C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\CCT\UI. Open the file with a text editor and add this parameter at the end of the file on a separate line: da.SyncAgent.Download.ReadAttrTimeout=30. Even with this parameter added, successful transfers between network engines at Release 9.0.7 is not guaranteed.