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HVAC PRO Release 8.06 and later restricts the number of characters allowed in each controller name. HVAC PRO does not download, upload, commission, or retrieve information about the controller if the item name or controller name exceeds the 157 maximum characters limit.

The controller’s full name consists of the following: domain name, site name, equipment name, trunk name, and the actual controller’s name. The controller name appears in the following format:

Site_name:device_name.domain_name/N2 Trunk #.controller_name

The following table describes the controller name restrictions.
Note: The component column lists each of the components represented in a Full Item reference. The Maximum Viewable Characters column lists the restrictions on the Component names when entered through SCT or a web-based user interface of the Metasys supervisory controller. The Maximum Characters Allowed by HVAC PRO column shows the maximum number of characters in a Full Item Reference allowed in HVAC PRO.
Table 1. Controller Name Restrictions


Maximum Number of Characters Allowed by the Engine or SCT

Maximum Viewable Characters

Maximum Characters Allowed by HVAC PRO

Site Name

fewer than or equal to 32


47 Total


Device Name

fewer than or equal to 15

Domain Name

fewer than or equal to 64

N2 Trunk Name

fewer than or equal to 32


Controller Name

fewer than or equal to 32