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About this task

Imported databases are .dbexport files that were previously exported with SCT.

Note: Importing a large archive database (greater than 1 Gb size) may take from 15 minutes to several hours to complete, depending on the number of objects. Therefore, you may wish to schedule a large database import during off-hours.

To import an archive database:


  1. On the Tools menu, select Database > Import Database. The Import wizard Source screen appears.
    Figure 1. Import wizard - Source Screen

  2. Select a previously exported archive database. The file has a .dbexport extension.
  3. Click Next. The Import wizard Destination screen appears.
    Figure 2. Import wizard - Destination Screen

  4. Select an existing archive or specify a new archive.
  5. Click Next. The Import wizard Summary screen appears.
    Figure 3. Import wizard - Summary Screen

  6. Click Finish. An animated clock appears while the import is occurring.

    If the database contains certificates, a Decrypt Certificates window appears before the import starts. If you want to decrypt certificates, specify the password that was entered when the database was exported. If you do not want to decrypt certificates, unmark the Include Certificates in Import? check box; no password is then required. Click OK to continue. An animated clock appears while the import is occurring.

    Figure 4. Decrypt Certificates Question

  7. Click OK on the message box that appears to indicate the import has completed successfully.