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During an export, the entire archive is exported and no change is made to the Instance number, Host name, or IP address of a device. This feature facilitates the migration of field controller device information to an engine during upgrade.

The export file is always named with a .dbexport file extension. You can provide any name you want, but we recommend that you use the archive name and the release version of SCT (for example, MyServerRel11.dbexport).

Export Database can include or exclude security-related information, including security database, certificates, and private keys. If the export file includes certificates and private keys, the process prompts for a certificate password. Then when the database is later imported, the process prompts for the certificate password that you specified. If the export excludes certificates, no certificate password is required. If the correct certificate password is unknown at the time of import, the imported database does not include the certificate information from the .dbexport file.