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The Applications tab allows you to specify links to external applications, such as a spreadsheet or Microsoft Word document, that can be launched from the Tools menu or from within graphics. The following table describes the attributes of the Applications tab.

Table 1. Applications Tab

Field Name


Add button

Allows you to add a new external application that can be accessed from within the Site Management Portal (SMP) UI. Once you click Add, the lower pane allows you to enter application information. If you are authorized to change system preferences, an Add Application dialog box appears first and allows you to specify whether the application is to be a system or user preference.

Note: If you are not authorized to change system preferences, the application is automatically added as a user preference.

For more information, see System and User Preferences.

Remove button

Removes the selected application from the list.

Application Name

Enter the name of the application as you want it to appear on the Tools menu or within graphics.

Application Path

Enter the full path of the application, including the command line arguments. The path is based on the local file system (where you are browsing from), not on the path of the device you are logged in to. The application path can also use any mapped network drives.

Click the Browse button to access a Browse dialog box and select the application and path.

To launch a specific file, select the path to the application that opens the file, followed by a space and the path to the specific file in quotation marks. Use the following format:

C:\Application Path\Application.exe “C:\filename path\filename.extension”

For example, to launch a Microsoft Word document named Worksheet_01:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.EXE "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\Worksheet_01.doc"

Note: The Application you add is specific to the computer you are using when you add it. The application may not launch from a different computer unless the application exists on that computer in the same location.

Tools Menu

Indicates whether the application appears on the Tools menu in the SMP UI. Select True (default) to have the application appear on the Tools menu. Select False if you do not want it to appear on the Tools menu.
Note: You must log out of the SMP UI and then log back in for new items to appear in the Tools menu.


Indicates whether the application can be hyperlinked to and launched by a button in a standard graphic. The application name you specify appears on the Hyperlink Information Application drop-down menu for buttons in graphics. See Buttons. Select True to enable this functionality. Select False (default) if you do not want the application to provide graphics.

Note: This hyperlink capability is supported in the Graphics+ as well as the User Graphics Tool (UGT).


Allows the application to be launched from a navigation key.

For example, if you add the Calculator to the Tools menu and specify the letter C as the mnemonic, you can access the Calculator in the following way:

From the SMP UI, press Alt+T to access the Tools menu. Press C to highlight Change Password. Press C again to highlight the Calculator application. Press Enter to start the Calculator application.


Specifies whether the application is available for the system or the user. This is specified when you first click Add to add a new application to the list. Once specified, this attribute cannot be changed.