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About this task

To request a certificate for a network engine in an archive database:


  1. Open the archive database.
  2. Verify that the network device name in the archive matches the subject common name of the online network engine. If not, change the network device name in the archive to match the online network engine name.
  3. On the Tools menu, select Certificate Management. The Certificate Management screen appears.
  4. Click the Devices tab. The Devices screen appears.
    Figure 1. Request Certificate - Devices Tab

  5. Click the network engine for which you want to request a certificate. Click Request Certificate(s). The Request Certificate(s) form appears.
    Figure 2. Request Certificate(s) Form

  6. Complete all the fields on the form. Click Save CSR Details. An Export CSR(s) confirmation window appears.
    Figure 3. Export CSR(s) Confirmation

  7. Click Yes to continue. The Export CSR(s) - Select Folder window appears.
    Figure 4. Export CSR(s) - Select Folder

  8. Browse to a folder where you want to save the CSR file and click Export. The certificate request file with a .PEM extension is exported to the selected folder. For example, the certificate request file for a network engine called NAE-1 on a computer called ADX-1 would be ADX-1_NAE-1_CSR.PEM for a network engine with a fully qualified name of ADX-1:NAE-1.
  9. Send the certificate request file to the IT department to obtain your trusted certificate. When you receive the file, go to Importing a Certificate to import the certificate into SCT for the network engine.