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About this task

The Site Discovery feature automatically inserts objects and attributes uploaded from an online site to your SCT archive database. You can select the Site Discovery feature after you create a new, empty archive, and use the Insert Site wizard to create a new site. For more information, see Creating a New Archive Database. To use the Site Discover feature on an existing site, in the All Items tree, right-click the site name, then click Site Discovery.

  • To ensure the efficiency of the process, .caf files from field controllers are not uploaded during Site Discovery. Use the Include Field Controllers option when uploading a supervisory engine to upload the .caf files separately. See Upload.
  • For SCT Release 10.0 or later, the site discovery process has changed. Site Directors at a release before 5.2 must be added to the archive at Release 5.2 for proper discovery. Site Directors after Release 5.2 must be defined at the same software version as the physical device. Version 5.2 and later devices discovered through Site Discovery are added to the archive as their physical device release version, regardless of the release version within the archive. Devices at a release before 5.2 are added as 5.2 devices. Existing Site Director devices must match the physical device, or the upload and discovery fail.
  • For SCT Release 12.0 and later, users can select the Upload Discovered Devices check box to upload newly discovered devices with all objects, security, and certificates (Figure 1), or leave it unselected to add newly discovered devices without objects, security, and certificates (Figure 2).
Figure 1. Completed Upload Discovered Devices - Check Box Selected

Figure 2. Completed Upload Discovered Devices - Check Box Unselected

To perform a Site Discovery:


  1. In the Site Discovery wizard, select the site.
    Figure 3. Site Discovery Wizard - Destination Screen

  2. Click Next. The Site Discovery page appears.
    Figure 4. Site Discovery Wizard - Site Discovery Screen

  3. Choose the amount of information to retrieve from devices:
    • Select the Upload Discovered Devices check box to upload any newly discovered devices including objects, security, and certificates (if applicable) locally to the All Items tree.
    • Clear the Upload Discovered Devices check box to add any newly discovered devices locally to the All Items tree with network attributes, but without objects, security, or certificates. You can still add objects, security, or certificates to newly discovered devices at a later time through the Manage Archive wizard.
    Important: If you clear the Upload Discovered Devices check box, the only IP address that is transferred to the archive is that of the Site Director. If you are using static IP addresses on your site, and an engine's IP address is not stored in the archive, you cannot communicate directly with that engine. To transfer the IP addresses of an engine to the archive, perform an Upload for the engine, and on the Site Login page, select Communicate via Site Director.
  4. In the Site Director Reference field, enter the name of the Site Director. The Site Director Reference field is case sensitive.
  5. Optional: In the Site Director IP field, enter the IP address of the Site Director.
    Important: If you are using a static IP address for your Site Director, you must enter its IP address in the Site Director IP field.
  6. Verify that you can communicate with the Site Director by entering a valid User Name and Password that is defined in the Site Director's security database. The user must have administrative privileges on the Site Director. Click Test Login. If communication is established, Login ID is OK appears. If the message Login ID is not OK appears, enter the correct login details, then click Test Login.
  7. Click Next on the Configure screen, then click Finish on the Summary screen.
    The ActionQ window opens with the Completed tab selected. Click Actions in Progress tab to view the current action.
  8. After the site discovery process is complete, verify that the Completion Status column in the ActionQ window reports OK and the Navigation tree is refreshed to show the site contents.
    • The SCT device order may differ from the order displayed in the ADS/ADX until you upload the Site Director. If the SCT device order remains unordered after you upload the Site Director, use the All Items Organizer to manually specify the order of devices.
    • You can also verify additional process details through the Archive Log. To view the Archive Log Viewer click Tools > Diagnostics > Archive Log.
  9. Close the ActionQ window.