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System Configuration Tool
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About this task

Menu Selection: Item > Export Item

In the SCT, this feature exports the selected item and its child objects. During export, the selected item is exported and no change is made to the Instance number, Host name, or IP address of a device. You can import exported items into another archive database. See the Import Wizard section for more information.


  1. Select the item in the navigation tree in the Source selection.
  2. In the File Name selection, add a new file name or select an existing file name for the file you are exporting and check the Overwrite check box.
    Figure 1. Export Item wizard

    The exported data file is stored in C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\DatabaseFiles.

    For a Notice Information dialog box which displays the Reference, Class, Class Version, Parent Exists and Objects Exists information, click Details.
  3. Click Finish in the Summary Selection to confirm the export configuration information.