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Network engine models at Metasys Release 10.1 or later support the Background File Transfer feature. When you use SCT 13.2 or later to perform a download to the NAE55-2, NAE55-3, SNE, and SNC models, you use the Background File Transfer feature. Background File Transfer permits you to download a new image and database to a network engine while the engine is still running and controlling the building. With previous releases, the engine was offline and inaccessible during this process. The Background File Transfer feature is part of the Manage Archive Wizard > Download To Device option in SCT.

The two background file transfer types offered in SCT are:

Code and Configuration: download and activate operating system, archive database, security database, and HTTPS certificates. This file transfer type re-provisions the Flash memory of the engine, including the operating system, application software, and device configuration.

Configuration only: download and activate archive database, security database, and HTTPS certificates. This file transfer type updates the device configuration only, including the archive and security databases, or certificates.

You can choose when to activate the downloaded files. If you activate the files immediately, the files activate after the download completes. If you do not activate immediately, the files go into a staged state in which the files are ready to deploy, but not until you are ready. The Staged Files attribute of a network engine contains information about which files are downloaded but not yet applied. Eventually, you can issue an Apply Staged Files command with the SMP UI to manually activate the files you transferred. For more details, see Download.