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About this task

Note: You can perform this task in the online Site Management Portal UI for the Site Director.


  1. Click the desired user view tab in the navigation pane.
  2. Double-click the user view folder containing the Summary Definitions and referenced items (for example, the Summary Definitions folder). The Tailored Summary appears in the display panel. See the Viewing a Tailored Summary section for a description of the Tailored Summary View user interface.
    Note: If the user view does not contain a Summary Definition, only the standard Summary appears.
  3. Click the Tailored Summary you want to view from the Available Tailored Summaries list box if more than one Summary Definition appears in the list. By default, the first authorized Summary Definition in the list is automatically selected.
  4. View the key data and the table data.
  5. Use the right-click menu options to command, modify, or otherwise work with the data. See Using a Tailored Summary.