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About this task

The following diagram shows a high-level workflow for creating and using Tailored Summaries. See the steps following the diagram for more detailed workflow information.

Figure 1. Tailored Summary Workflow

The workflow to create and use Tailored Summaries is as follows:


  1. Import the pre-built Summary Definitions. See Importing a Summary Definition for procedural details and the location to access the pre-built Summary Definitions. After you import the Summary Definitions, they appear in the Summary Definitions folder in the All Items tree.


    Use the Summary Definition wizard to create a new Summary Definition (Creating a New Summary Definition).

    Note: As best practice, edit a pre-built Summary Definition that is similar to what you need. You may want to use the same Summary Definition as the basis for slightly different groups of items (for example, a VAV with two AHUs having different key data). Copy the existing Summary Definition to create the new Summary Definitions. See the Reusing an Existing Summary Definition for Different Key Data section.
  2. Edit the Summary Definitions and define key data, if required (Editing an Existing Summary Definition):
    1. Double-click a Summary Definition in the Summary Definitions folder of the All Items tree.
    2. On Summary Definition tab, click Edit. Make the necessary changes and click Save.
    3. On the Focus tab, click Edit. Make the necessary changes (for example, define the Key Data following the instructions in Defining Key Data), and click Save.
  3. Create a user view or edit an existing one (Defining User Views with Summary Definitions):
    1. Drag the Summary Definitions from the Summary Definitions folder in the All Items tree to a folder in the user view. You can also use the add reference option in the user view editor.
    2. Drag the Site Director object and items to reference (for example, supervisory devices or points) from the All Items tree or from the global search results table to the folder in the user view (or use the user view editor’s add reference option). The referenced items appear as rows in the Tailored Summary.
  4. View the Tailored Summary (Viewing a Tailored Summary and Using a Tailored Summary):
    1. Click the user view tab in the navigation pane or refresh if already selected.
    2. Double-click the folder that contains the Summary Definitions and devices.
    3. If more than one Summary Definition appears in the list, click the Tailored Summary you want to view in the Available Tailored Summaries list box.
    4. View the key data and the table data. Use the right-click menu options to command, modify, or otherwise work with the data.