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The Select Column Attribute dialog box allows you to select the attributes to display in the Tailored Summary columns. See the Editing an Existing Summary Definition section for details on accessing and using this dialog box.

You can filter the available attributes by category using the Attribute Filter list box. The attributes of that category appear in the Attribute list box. If you filter on Alarms, for example, the alarm attributes appear in the list for selection.

Figure 1. Select Column Attribute Dialog Box

The following table lists examples of the attributes available for display in the Tailored Summary feature according to the attribute filter.

Note: Click an attribute in the table to view its description. For information on other attributes that do not appear in this table, search for the attribute using the Help system's Search function, or search within the PDF of the Help system.
Table 1. Example Tailored Summary Attributes

Attribute Filter

Example Attributes


  • Alarm Message Text
  • Alarm Priority
  • High Alarm Limit
  • Low Alarm Limit

Averaging and Totalization

  • Average Value
  • Minimum Value
  • Maximum Value
  • Totalize Limit


  • BACnet IP Port
  • Instance Number
  • Intrinsic Alarming Defined
  • Object Name

Common Attributes

  • Alarm State
  • Authorization Category
  • Present Value
  • Status

Field Devices (General)

  • Disable Automatic Alarming
  • Offline

Field Devices (LON)

  • DSN1
  • Neuron ID
  • Program ID
  • XIF Present

Field Devices (MSTP)

  • Memory Usage
  • Object Count
  • Trunk Number

Field Devices (N1)

  • Device Status
  • NCM Name
  • Object Count
  • Poll Delay

Field Devices (N2)

  • Controller Type
  • Trunk Number

Field Points (General)

  • Device Type
  • Max Value
  • M in Value
  • Out of Service

Field Points (LON)

  • Command Status Mapping Table
  • Interface Value
  • Target Reference
  • Update Interval

Field Points (N1)

  • Feedback
  • Setpoint
  • Value: Present Value

Integrations (MSTP)

  • APDU Retries
  • Buffer Overflows
  • Bus Health Index
  • Bus Performance Index

Integrations (LON)

  • Missed Message
  • Transmit Error
  • Transaction Timeout
  • Transmits Per Minute

Integrations (N2)

  • Command Count
  • Message Timeout
  • NAK Errors
  • Transmits Per Minute

Supervisory Devices

  • ADS or ODS Repository
  • IP Address
  • Model Name
  • Object Count


  • Buffer State
  • Enable
  • Sample Interval
  • Transfer Setpoint