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In the Child Item Field of a Summary Definition, the standard query searches against the itemName attribute of the object. Now you have the option to enter a different attribute to search against by using the format: ::attribute:query.

For example, searching for a child item with *Trend* returns the same result as searching with ::itemName:*Trend*. You can now also search specific trend class IDs such as ::classid:155, which returns the first trend regardless of the naming structure.

You can also search for a count of results instead of the standard selected attribute query results. For example, ::classid:155 finds the first trend, but you could also select the attribute of Name from the list to display the trend name. This search can also be performed manually by entering a specific attribute ID to any defined attribute of the trend. Entering an attribute ID of Count Of generates a count of results list that matches your query. This process can be a little time consuming and is not intended to give an object count on the site or NxEs within the site.

For more information on the Summary Definition tab see, Table 1 and the Tailored Summary Viewer User Interfaces in SCT section.

Table 1. Valid Child Item Attribute Search Options

These attributes are not the Metasys attribute you are displaying in the SCT Summary Definition. They are the data that is being queried to find the matching child item.

type The object type: folder, device, extension, integration, object, point
reference The object's fully qualified reference
label The last part of the object's fully qualified reference
itemName The object's user-defined name
classid The classID of the object