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About this task

To generate a complete logic system:


  1. On the Insert Menu, select Control System. The Insert System wizard appears.
  2. Follow the instructions. The Program (Control System) Object appears in the Navigation Tree.
  3. Drag the program/control system to the workspace. The LCT opens in View Mode.
  4. Change to Edit mode (Changing LCT Modes) to add or edit items in the workspace.
  5. Add symbol blocks (Adding Items to Logic) and add text blocks (Adding Text Blocks) to the workspace.
  6. Connect the blocks (Connecting Blocks).
  7. Edit blocks (Editing Blocks in Edit Mode).
  8. Save the program/control system (Saving a Control System).
  9. Download the program/control system to the online controller, if you created or edited the logic in offline mode (using the SCT).


  • You must create a unique name for each program/control system created under the same folder. You can create programs/control systems with the same names as long as they are stored in different folders.
  • When defining logic with scientific notation where the number of digits to the left of the decimal point is large, the system extends the range of values displayed without scientific notation to include all values with an absolute value less than 10 million and greater than or equal to one millionth (0.000001 <= |value| < 10,000,000.0).