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Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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The Logic Connector Tool displays in the View mode when you are browsing a site running Metasys software in offline mode (using the SCT) or online mode. (See Metasys Modes.) See Errors in View Mode.

In View mode, you have access only to a limited number of items on the toolbar. The System and Logic blocks do not appear in this mode. The LCT opens in View mode. You must enter the Edit Mode to edit any of the control system logic.

The View mode allows you to edit attributes (from the Configuration tab) and send commands to any of the input reference blocks in the diagram.

Dynamic values display on the connection line between two logic blocks. Values refresh every 15 seconds unless you click the Refresh button on the Toolbar. Click the Trace mode icon on the toolbar and the tool displays online values, but hides logical connections between blocks. If you click a block, the tool traces all connections to and from that block (from the first input to the last output).

Right-clicking in View mode has no effect.

For mouse shortcuts in View mode, see Mouse Shortcuts: View Mode.