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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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This object contains attributes common to many Metasys system objects. These common attributes are described in the Common Object Attributes section. This section includes attributes of the Focus/Configuration tab, the Diagnostics tab (if applicable), and any other tab specific only to this object. See the Object and Feature Tabs section for information on the attributes that appear on the other tabs of this object (for example, the Hardware and Options tab appear on point objects).

Table 1. Interlock Object Attributes
Name / View Group

Attribute ID Writable (W) Configurable (C)

Attribute Description
Enabled -- Object

673 C W

Ensures object reacts to any changes it may have missed while it was disabled, and returns it to normal operation.
Restore Command Priority -- Restart Options

721 C W

Selects which commands (at a selected priority) persist through a device restart. When the bit is set, the command (at a selected priority) is saved at shutdown and restored at startup.

States Text -- Display

931 C W

Indicates the displayed strings for the Present Value.
Execution Priority -- Execution

2197 C W

Indicates the relative importance of performing the function of the object within the device.