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User views provide graphical, functional, and geographical organizations of your Metasys system. For example, you might create a user view comprised only of nested references to graphics. Or you may organize your user view with separate levels for campus, building, floor, room, and so on. You may even create a separate user view for each user, to provide that user a focused view into the system or to restrict the user’s access.

Table 1. User View Structure Icons
Button Icon Button Name Description
User view folder A folder created in the user view.
Reference to a folder A reference in the user view to a folder from the All Items view.

The structure, or hierarchy, of a user view is based on the following general rules:

  • User view folders may contain any number of additional child folders or other references. For example, you can add multiple Summary Definition objects for the Tailored Summary feature to a user view folder.

  • You cannot nest anything under a reference to a folder.

  • Graphic references may contain any number of additional graphic references.

  • With the exception of graphics, references may only be nested under user view folders (that is, a non-graphic reference cannot be a child of a reference). References do not need to be nested to exist in the User View.

  • Any item may be referenced any number of times within the user view hierarchy.