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User views (user-defined navigation trees) contain references to selected items found in the All Items navigation tree (the default navigation tree). For example, you could create a user navigation tree with all the AIs grouped together, or a navigation tree that contains only points for a certain area of a building. User views are useful for restricting access for certain users and grouping commonly used items/graphics together. You can use the user view edit capabilities to easily consolidate small user views into a larger view, or to break large user views into multiple smaller views. Specify the User View navigation display as either a set of tabs (Tabbed) or a drop-down list (List) in the Default navigation display preference in the Display Settings Tab in the Preferences section. We recommend list view if the system has many user views, as list view takes up less space in the navigation tree pane. User views provide a mechanism for viewing Tailored Summaries. See the Tailored Summary Concepts section for more information.

User views are easy to create. The system supports drag-and-drop functionality of items from the Global Search Results table to add them as references in a User View. To do this, view both the Global Search Viewer and the User View in the display frame (using a multiple panel view). Click Edit in the User View. Then drag the desired items from the Search Results table to the User View. The system also supports drag-and-drop functionality to add references to items from the navigation frame (User View [online] or All Items tree) to a User View in Edit mode. In addition, to add an entire tree (only from the navigation frame) to a User View, press the Ctrl key and drag and drop the tree to a User View in Edit mode.

For more information on the wizard used to create a user view, see the New User View section. For more information on the object created by this wizard, see User Navigation Tree.

The Security Administrator System allows administrators to assign user view permissions to specific users (in the Online UI only). For information on the Security Administrator System, see Related Documentation.