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The MS/TP Field Bus Integration is the root for all Field Devices and BACnet objects on the MS/TP Field Bus in the Metasys system. When you add a Field Bus integration to an NAE or NIEx9, you create an MS/TP communication link on a specified hardware port. The MS/TP Field Bus Integration object offers diagnostic data related to the MS/TP network. After you create a Field Bus integration, you can use the Insert Field Device and Insert Field Point wizards within SMP to add BACnet devices and associated BACnet objects to the trunk. The integration wizards support both manual object creation and automatic Device and Point discovery. The Field Bus integration supports third-party BACnet MS/TP devices and all FEC family BACnet MS/TP devices.

Important: When you add an MS/TP Field Bus Integration on an OAS for Remote Field Bus, do not select a Trunk Number value of 1 or 2. The OAS reserves these trunks for the USB ports.